Wisdom Teeth Removal:
Frequently Asked Questions

Patients often experience a variety of problems with wisdom teeth which makes wisdom teeth extraction one of the most common oral surgeries. The wisdom teeth, or third molars, often become impacted, leading to pain and complications such as infection and damage to surrounding teeth.

If your dentist has referred you to our office, they believe the teeth need removing to protect your oral health. Dentists often suggest third molar surgery to patients in their teens and twenties to remove the teeth before they become a problem. Below are some frequently asked questions about wisdom teeth removal.

How long after consultation is wisdom teeth surgery performed?

If we determine your wisdom teeth need removal, we can schedule your surgery at your convenience after your consultation.

How long does wisdom teeth removal take?

Depending on how many teeth are removed, it usually takes about an hour. If the procedure is complicated by long teeth roots or impaction, the process may take a bit longer.

Is wisdom tooth removal painful?

During the procedure, you do not experience any pain. You are sedated and the area is numbed with a local anesthetic. After surgery, discomfort and swelling can be controlled with medication and ice packs.

Am I sedated for wisdom teeth removal?

We usually recommend IV sedation for third molar surgery. Intravenous sedation relieves any anxiety during your procedure. IV sedation is sometimes called “twilight sleep.”

How long does it take to recover from wisdom teeth removal?

Recovery times vary from person to person. Most patients should allow two or three days to rest at home before returning to work or school.

What age is best for wisdom teeth removal?

We recommend patients be evaluated by their dentists in their teens, before the roots of the wisdom teeth are fully developed. Removal at this time is ideal because removal is easier, the risk of complications is lower, and healing is quicker. However, you can have them removed at any age.

Is it always recommended to remove all four wisdom teeth?

It depends. While removal of all four wisdom teeth is often recommended, it is not always necessary. Only impacted, decayed, or diseased wisdom teeth should be removed.

If I don’t have all four wisdom teeth, might they come in later?

Most wisdom teeth develop between ages 13-15, but later development is possible (although not likely). Some individuals only have two or three wisdom teeth, but most have four. In rare cases, a very “wise” patient has five or six wisdom teeth. In these cases, removal is almost always recommended.

Will wisdom teeth removal straighten my teeth?

Wisdom teeth surgery will not correct crooked or misaligned teeth but may prevent future crowding. Having the wisdom teeth removed before or after orthodontic treatment is often recommended.

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